Jury Duty

The Jury Commissioners are responsible for the selection of the Jurors used by the 5th Judicial District Court in West Carroll Parish. The members of the Jury Commission Board are Laura Tyson, Doug Ainsworth, Ernest Hill & Jeff Guice.

Civil Jury

For civil matters, jurors are subpoenaed for each civil judge’s jury week. The cost must be paid in full by the party responsible for calling the trial. All prospective jurors are randomly pulled by a computer system designed just for that purpose.

Note: After the trial is concluded and the judge has rendered a verdict, whoever is cast with costs, plaintiff or defendant, must also pay for the additional costs associated with jurors having served.

If you are subpoenaed as a juror, you will receive $25.00 per day. Jurors living outside the city limits will also be paid mileage at the rate of $0.16 per mile traveled to and from their residence per day. Payment is mailed to you via first class mail after service.

Petit and Grand jury are handled a little differently than that of civil. They are as follows:

Petit Jury

  • These juries are picked on an as need basis. These Jurors are also randomly selected by the computer system.

  • Jurors are paid from the Criminal Court Fund through the District Attorney’s Office. Their rate of pay is the same as above.

Grand Jury

  • These jurors are picked twice a year and serve 6 month terms.

  • Jurors are paid from the Criminal Court Fund through the District Attorney’s Office. Their rate of pay is also the same as above. These jurors serve on an as-need basis.


There are five qualifications that a potential juror must meet in order to serve on a jury. They are as follows:

  • Be a citizen of the United States and of Louisiana who has resided in West Carroll for at least one year immediately preceding your jury service.

  • Be at least 18 years of age.

  • Be able to read, write, speak the English language and, possess sufficient knowledge of the language.

  • Not be under interdiction or incapable of serving as a juror because of a mental or physical infirmity. (A written medical excuse from your doctor is required)

  • Not be under indictment for a felony nor have been convicted of a felony and not been pardoned.

If you do not meet these qualifications, please call the Judges Office which is stated on each subpoena along with their phone number. The Judge is the only one that can excuse you from this duty. 

Along with qualifications, there are two exemptions which may be claimed. You may claim an exemption if:

  • You have performed Jury Service in the Fifth Judicial Court within the last two years of your reporting date.

  • Seventy years of age and older.

If you wish to claim one of these two exemptions, you must send a letter to the appropriate Judge as indicated on your subpoena explaining your circumstances. Include your address and a daytime phone number. The court will make a decision on your claim of exemption and will notify you.

For more information about Jury Duty, please call the West Carroll Parish Clerk of Court Office (318) 428-3281.